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Blender add-ons

Channel Isolate and Frame

Small script that allow you to use Shift+V to zoom in and isolate a single graph in the graph editor.

Animation Automaton Renderer

Automates rendering of sprites


Randomise text object data and to some extent object data.

Flame Model Tools

Add-on to work with the flame face model from the flame project. The flame project deal with facial expressions, shapes and appearences.

Mr Mannequins Tools

Import and export Unreal Engine 4 Mannequin compatible armatures and meshes.

Keyframe Tools

A collection of tools to work with keyframes in Blender


Blender add-on for the FACSvatar project. Allows streaming of facial config and head pose data between computers and into Blender using the ZeroMQ sockets. ZeroMQ allow the interface to keep functioning and not freeze during load.

Character renderer for 2d games

Helps to render individual 2D animation pieces and put them together.


Viewport render tool to create playplasts.

Auto Drawing Tool

Add-on to create auto-drawing animations.

Advanced Boomsmash

Spits out OpenGL renders to the hard drive as fast as possible to be able to get a preview animation.

Blender Animation Retargeting

This add-on allows transfering of animations and poses between rigs.

Shape Keys+

Replaces and extends Blender shapekeys system.


Adds animation tools to Blender allowing the user manipulate groups of keyframes across multiple f-curves at once.


Allow the user to flip an animation.


Helps to create a writing animation in Blender.

Pose Thumbnails

Adds a feature to have thumbnails for poses in a pose library.

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