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Blender add-ons

Level Buddy

CSG level modeling workflow add-on for Blender

HPL3 Export

HPL3 exporter for Blender


Add-on to work with files realated to Re-Volta. A racing game. Allows import, export and some tools to bake and paint the models.


Converts a high poly mesh to a blocky minecraft style asset. Assets can then be quickly transferd to a minecraft server.

ROSE Online blender plugin

Import assets from ROSE Online.

Animation Automaton Renderer

Automates rendering of sprites

Nintendo NX BFRES format

Import and export BFRES data such as mesh, UV, materials and textures.

Mixamo Rig Converter for Lumberyard

Add-on to help bring Mixamo Rigs to Amazon Lumberyard game engine

Godot Game Tools

Better export options for the godot game engine

Uchronian Logic: UPBGE Logic Nodes

A logic node system for UPBGE. Note that this requires the UPBGE fork of Blender.

Myou game engine exporter

Export Blender scenes to the Myou game engine

V-HACD For Blender 2.80

Enables the use of V-HACD. V-HACD is a library that allow the user to create a convex-hull representation of the object. This can be used as an efficient collision object in games for the object they were generated from

bge logic nodes add-on

Node based logic for Blender Game Engine


Add-on to build tile based low poly scenes.


When an animation is rendered, this add-on takes the output and creates a spritesheet from the frames.

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