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Blender add-ons

HPL3 Export

HPL3 exporter for Blender


Add-on to work with files realated to Re-Volta. A racing game. Allows import, export and some tools to bake and paint the models.


Allow a user to import and export render settings in Blender. Works with Cycles, Eevee and Workbench engine as well as settings for the DuBlast add-on.


Converts a high poly mesh to a blocky minecraft style asset. Assets can then be quickly transferd to a minecraft server.


Exporter for Cryengine

Unity Batch Exporter

Unity exporter script to easily export individual objects.

ROSE Online blender plugin

Import assets from ROSE Online.

Perfect 3D Model (.p3m) Importer

Importer for .p3m files

Mr Mannequins Tools

Import and export Unreal Engine 4 Mannequin compatible armatures and meshes.

Nintendo NX BFRES format

Import and export BFRES data such as mesh, UV, materials and textures.

Custom FBX Exporter

Custom FBX Exporter for Unreal Engine 4

Mixamo Rig Converter for Lumberyard

Add-on to help bring Mixamo Rigs to Amazon Lumberyard game engine

Cesium ion

Enables publishing and streaming of 3D models to the web

Unstructured Grids for Blender

Allow the user to create, import, edit and export 3D volume meshes made up of arbitrary polyhedrons.

ConverterPIX Wrapper

Adds capability to convert and import SCS game models

MQO (Metasequoia) format

Import and export Metasequoia files. File extension .mqo

Godot Game Tools

Better export options for the godot game engine


Export jbeam data for BeamNG.drive

Blender curve to svg

Export Blender curves to svg.

Headus UVlayout Bridge

Allows quick export from Blender to Headus for UV unwrapping. Headus is a paid tool.

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