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Blender add-ons

Level Buddy

CSG level modeling workflow add-on for Blender

Particle Tracer

Creates curves based on particle placement at different points in time.

Construction Beam

Tower array builder

Empty to Image Plane

Create a matching image plane at an empty image object.

Set Presice Mesh /CAD

Tool to set precis angles and lengths of mesh elements.


Help the user to clean up imorted cad models.

Maze Generator

Add-on to generate maze geometry based on different kinds of algorithms. Has support for a lot of different options.

Rock Builder

A rock-generator for Blender


Randomise text object data and to some extent object data.


Tools for creating fractal like structures on top of a mesh.

3DM Transform

Basic transform tool interface

Apply Modifiers for Object with Shape Keys

Gives the user a way to apply modifiers on objects with shape keys

Mesh From Curve

Allow the user to use curves instead of tracing an object with polygons.


Uses the sapling tree add-on. This add-on randomizes values for it and make the trees easily exportable to Panda3D.

Improved Origin Pie

Adds extra features for origin manipulation in a pie menu style

Math Mesh

Mathematical mesh curve generator

Three Point Arch Tool

Adds a modeling tool to create arches in Blender.


Help user to create a glitched version of an obj file.

Favorite Modifiers

Adds buttons with favourite modifier in the modifier interface.

ReTiCo (RealTime Companion)

Add-on to speed up realtime and gITF workflows

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