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Blender add-ons

Mesh maze

Generate a maze mesh on any surface in Blender.


Add-on to build tile based low poly scenes.

3DM Snow

Create snow mesh on selected objects.


Brings photogrammetry to Blender. It takes multiple images taken from different angles as input and outputs geometry based on the depth information from the input images.


Add-on to help create minecraft models in Blender. Works with Minecraft 1.9.


Jewelry design toolkit. Create and customize gems, organize them and calculate weights are among the features.


Generate mesh patterns through mathematical operations, tesselation is the primary feature.

Bezier Utility Operations

Interactive tool to draw and edit Bezier curves.


Imports map data from Google Maps


A very well known add-on in the Blender community that aims to enhance your hard surface modeling workflow. It includes a large collection of tools and macros with the aim to speed up your modeling workflow. Hardops introduces its own terminology and a lot of different systems to enhance and work along the existing tools […]

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