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Blender add-ons


Allow a user to import and export render settings in Blender. Works with Cycles, Eevee and Workbench engine as well as settings for the DuBlast add-on.

Subprocess Render

Allow rendering with multiple threads to speed up rendering significantly. Similar to BPSRender included with PowerSequencer add-on.

Render Farm Client

Helps the user to render on a custom render farm.

Cycles Presets

Allow the user to save render settings presets for Cycles.

Partition Render

Allow you to interrupt your rendering and resume from where it got interuppted. A render pause button essentially.

Vector Render

Allow the user to create vector graphics from objects seen through the camera.

Auto Save Render

Auto save render and blend file on render completion.


Creates a wireframe using freestyle or the wireframe modifier.


Viewport render tool to create playplasts.

Advanced Boomsmash

Spits out OpenGL renders to the hard drive as fast as possible to be able to get a preview animation.

VisualSPHysics Blender Addon

Allow users to render DualSPHysics simulations in Blender

Animated Render Border

This add-on allow you to adapt the render border for each frame.

Eevee Presets

Allow the users to save different render setting presets in Eevee

Blender Render Music

Allow the user to play music while rendering and plays a tone once the render has finnished.


When an animation is rendered, this add-on takes the output and creates a spritesheet from the frames.

V-Ray For Blender Exporter

Add-on to export content from Blender to be used in stand alone V-ray. Not that V-Ray Standalone is not free.

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