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Blender add-ons

Map Projection (bpyproj)

Registers a module in Blender called pyproj. Pyproj is a module to help map different maps on top of each other based on their coordinates.

Bones Renamer

Add-on to batch or mass rename bones in Blender. The naming is based on different standards for bone renaming


Converts a high poly mesh to a blocky minecraft style asset. Assets can then be quickly transferd to a minecraft server.

Index Visualizer

Visualize vertices, edges and faces id numbers in 3D viewport.


Uses ZMQ sockets to bring processes outside of Blenders main loop so that the interface won't freeze during heavy computational tasks. Can be used as a starting point for other add-ons.

Blender Depot Importer

Allow you to manage add-ons through Blenderdepot. A platform to discover and install add-ons for Blender

Screencast Keys

Screencast keys add-on for older versions of Blender

Blender Addon Updater

This is not an add-on. Instead it is a framework for add-on developers to create easy install and update features for their add-ons.

Blender Add-on-Manager

This is not an add-on, instead it is an add-on manager using the commandline to manage blender-addons available through github.

Screencast Keys

Screencast keys add-on. Allow you to display keypresses and mouse clicks in Blender. Mostly used for video recoroding and live streaming.

Nature Clicker

Gives you an interface to click-place assets with different randomization suited for nature

Lapineige’s Tools

Contains multiple smaller add-ons such as AutoMirror, Tweak Area, Multi-Camera Render etc.

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