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Blender add-ons

Map Projection (bpyproj)

Registers a module in Blender called pyproj. Pyproj is a module to help map different maps on top of each other based on their coordinates.

Bones Renamer

Add-on to batch or mass rename bones in Blender. The naming is based on different standards for bone renaming


Converts a high poly mesh to a blocky minecraft style asset. Assets can then be quickly transferd to a minecraft server.


Uses ZMQ sockets to bring processes outside of Blenders main loop so that the interface won't freeze during heavy computational tasks. Can be used as a starting point for other add-ons.

Index Visualizer

Visualize vertices, edges and faces id numbers in 3D viewport.

Blender Depot Importer

Allow you to manage add-ons through Blenderdepot. A platform to discover and install add-ons for Blender

Screencast Keys

Screencast keys add-on for older versions of Blender

Blender Addon Updater

This is not an add-on. Instead it is a framework for add-on developers to create easy install and update features for their add-ons.

Blender Add-on-Manager

This is not an add-on, instead it is an add-on manager using the commandline to manage blender-addons available through github.

Screencast Keys

Screencast keys add-on. Allow you to display keypresses and mouse clicks in Blender. Mostly used for video recoroding and live streaming.

Nature Clicker

Gives you an interface to click-place assets with different randomization suited for nature

Lapineige’s Tools

Contains multiple smaller add-ons such as AutoMirror, Tweak Area, Multi-Camera Render etc.

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