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Blender add-ons


Exporter for Cryengine

Unity Batch Exporter

Unity exporter script to easily export individual objects.

ROSE Online blender plugin

Import assets from ROSE Online.

Animation Automaton Renderer

Automates rendering of sprites


Randomise text object data and to some extent object data.

Render Farm Client

Helps the user to render on a custom render farm.

Muscle Tools

Tool to create a muscle system in Blender.


Creates diagrams in Blender from .csv files

Flame Model Tools

Add-on to work with the flame face model from the flame project. The flame project deal with facial expressions, shapes and appearences.

Cycles Presets

Allow the user to save render settings presets for Cycles.


Tools for creating fractal like structures on top of a mesh.

Motion Studio

Takes motion capture data and applies it to default rigs in real time.

3DM Morph

Add-on to morph images


5 button interaction with Blender to speed up your work.

Camera Switcher

Help the user to switch cameras in Blender and create markers for when the switch occurs.

Batch Renamer

Interface to quickly rename multiple objects at once.

Export Bullet data

Exporter for physics data using the .bullet format.

BVH Fixer

Features to fix in place BVH motion capture files.

3DM Transform

Basic transform tool interface

Apply Modifiers for Object with Shape Keys

Gives the user a way to apply modifiers on objects with shape keys

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