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Blender add-ons

Mesh From Curve

Allow the user to use curves instead of tracing an object with polygons.

Perfect 3D Model (.p3m) Importer

Importer for .p3m files

Mr Mannequins Tools

Import and export Unreal Engine 4 Mannequin compatible armatures and meshes.

Partition Render

Allow you to interrupt your rendering and resume from where it got interuppted. A render pause button essentially.


Helps the user when using BVH data. Not to be confused with BVH data used by render engines.

Nintendo NX BFRES format

Import and export BFRES data such as mesh, UV, materials and textures.

Bake to Vertex Color

Transfer colors from an image to selected vertex color set for all selected objects.


Uses the sapling tree add-on. This add-on randomizes values for it and make the trees easily exportable to Panda3D.

Keyframe Tools

A collection of tools to work with keyframes in Blender

Interface Splitter

Adds a menu at the top of the 3D viewport with presets to split the viewport.

Custom FBX Exporter

Custom FBX Exporter for Unreal Engine 4


Adds a split-toning node to Blenders compositor

Fountain Script

Allow the user to use the fountain framework for screenplay and scriptwriting in Blender

Improved Origin Pie

Adds extra features for origin manipulation in a pie menu style

Math Mesh

Mathematical mesh curve generator

Three Point Arch Tool

Adds a modeling tool to create arches in Blender.


Help user to create a glitched version of an obj file.

Mixamo Rig Converter for Lumberyard

Add-on to help bring Mixamo Rigs to Amazon Lumberyard game engine

Favorite Modifiers

Adds buttons with favourite modifier in the modifier interface.

Carton Helper Panel

Help user UV-unwrap simple objects based on cubes

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