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Blender add-ons


Jewelry design toolkit. Create and customize gems, organize them and calculate weights are among the features.


Add-on to help you setup, organize and work with lights in Blender. Also helps you handle your HDRI images.

Screencast Keys

Screencast keys add-on. Allow you to display keypresses and mouse clicks in Blender. Mostly used for video recoroding and live streaming.


Motion Graphics add-on to help offset animation for multiple objects, copy and link animation between objects and manage properties of absolute shape keys among other features.

Bezier Utility Operations

Interactive tool to draw and edit Bezier curves.

Nature Clicker

Gives you an interface to click-place assets with different randomization suited for nature

Lapineige’s Tools

Contains multiple smaller add-ons such as AutoMirror, Tweak Area, Multi-Camera Render etc.


Imports map data from Google Maps

UV Squares

UV Squares is a simple add-on that helps you to align your UV Map into a grid. It has a few tools but the primary tool is accessed with Alt+E. Select your UV map partially or in full Press Alt+E UV squares will try to make all individual faces square, aligned in a grid. We […]

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