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Audio and sound is essential for making good quality video tutorials around 3D art. My focus is ofcourse on writing articles, but once in a while I make video as well. I also make quite a few videos when answering specific questions in my work. Most of them are never edited. This means that I got to have good or acceptable sound from the start.



This tool is magic to me. I work from home and sometimes my family is home while I have to make a video. My family is fantastic, but not always quiet. This tool filters out any noise. Including other people speaking, background noise or hitting keys on the keyboard.

I don't know how they do it but it is like magic. If you have to record anything in a noisy environment, try this.


My go-to audio editor. Audacity is great in every way. It has so many options and filters you can use to fix audio that sounds flat. Make audio much clearer and easier to listen to.

There are a lot of good tutorials and docuemntation on how to use it. Most people seem to have no idea what they are doing though and I am defenetively one of them. Recommended tool for audio editing and also open source.


Blue Snowball ICE

On the hardware side I have a Blue Snowball ICE microphone. Like most tools that I use, I find this to be in a good price/performance range.

With a popfilter and a flexarm attached to the table this is pretty much all that I use for recording audio.

Sometimes I record outside with my Oneplus 5 phone with just a standard headset for audio. It never turns out great, but at least you can tell that it is a human speaking. I have started to look for something that can remedy that and at some point I may invest in a Zoom H1N and Boya BY-M1.