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So, you want to learn how to become a 3D artist?

Let's take a tour through the community and what it has to offer

Get Blender!

Head over to and press the Download button.

Don't worry, it is completely free and just a couple of hundred megabytes to download.

Run the file…Next, Next, Next and finish. Congratulations, first step complete!

Need more help? Check out our article on installation here:

Download and install Blender

Get your feet wet!

Let's look at some good places to start your journey!

Free video series!

The community likes food!

The community has seen their fair share of donuts so if you really must show your creation to the world, reddit has a dedicated place for it!
For you donut fans, Reddit this way please!Personally, I think apples are kind of neat.

Check out the list below to get started!

Pick your path!

All great places to start!

Create Donuts

The de facto standard beginner series, everybody in the community knows about it and it is Andrew Price who take you through the digital 3D donut creation process.

Click here for the full playlist

Create Apples

CGBoost is the apple fan and I personally find this one to be my favorite. He covers the basics of many areas in Blender through this series.

Click here for the full playlist

Create Ice cream

Steve is ready to guide you through the process of ice-cream-cone-creation. A shorter introduction with a result to be proud of for any beginner. Faster pace here.

Click here for the full playlist

Low poly art

Grant Abbitt, covers the very basics of Blender by helping you create a low poly art style render. No food this time. Chocking indeed.

Click here for the full playlist

Create a sword in a cave

CG Fast Track takes you through an excellent Beginner series where you get to create a sword in a cave! A very exciting series.

Click here for the full playlist


Or start on Artisticrender?

Ok, ok I know, you are stuck, right?

So, where can we get some help?

Where to get help?

Ask Google first! Or Artisticrender 😉

There are plenty of places to ask for help. Here are a few!


The primary Blender forum on the web to discuss anythingabout Blender. Head to the support section to ask your question.


Facebook groups

To facebook groups

Facebook groups centered around Blender generally give answers to most questions within minutes.

Twitter #B3D

To Twitter #B3D

On twitter you find most Blender activity on the #b3d hashtag.

Tired of those food renders?

Right this way please. I will show you how can help further!

Explore the basics

Why things work the way they do

How and why do we apply scale in Blender?

One of the most common question to ask for beginner 3D artists as they start exploring Blender.

I got the answer for you

To article

How to use the boolean modifier in Blender?

Boolean is a fundamental part of hard-surface modeling. That is, for anything that isn't organic in shape. How does it work in Blender and why do you care?

I got the answer for you


To article

How to use alpha transparent textures in Blender

Transparency is essentail to combine 3D art with real world footage. It is also a great way to reduce the amount of geometry needed. But used exessively it can tax your system. So how do we use it?

I got the answer for you

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Pillar content for a deep dive

For every part of the pipeline

A guide to Blender Eevee render settings

Eevee is a fantastic render engine but with so manny bells and whistles it can be easy to get lost. Refer to this article whenever you need help with specific render settings.


To article

Blender: A Cycles render settings guide

If Cycles is your render engine of choice, this article will help you through the render engine settings jungle.


To article

Render passes in Blender Cycles: Complete guide

Came through the render process but didn't quite get what you wanted? A good understanding of render passes can help you sort it out without a full re-render.

To article

How to bake textures in Blender

Perhaps you are having performance issues? In that case, baking some textures may help.


To article

A growing Blender add-on database

Work faster and easier

To Blender add-on database

Recommended tools

A curated list

To Recommended tools

Test your wings!

Let's see how artisticrender can be useful, and what resources I recommend going forward

Not sure where to go next?

What objects to model as a beginner 3D artist

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Take a course

There are plenty of courses available teaching Blender

To recommended courses

Or earn money with Blender?

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Welcome to the family