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Blender add-ons

ReTiCo (RealTime Companion)

Add-on to speed up realtime and gITF workflows

Carton Helper Panel

Help user UV-unwrap simple objects based on cubes

Favorite Modifiers

Adds buttons with favourite modifier in the modifier interface.

Mesh Healing Tools

Add -on with mesh repair tools.

Character renderer for 2d games

Helps to render individual 2D animation pieces and put them together.


Allow selection of objects based on collection levels.


Blender add-on for the FACSvatar project. Allows streaming of facial config and head pose data between computers and into Blender using the ZeroMQ sockets. ZeroMQ allow the interface to keep functioning and not freeze during load.

Vector Render

Allow the user to create vector graphics from objects seen through the camera.

Cesium ion

Enables publishing and streaming of 3D models to the web

Bendy bone handles

Adds bendy bones with handles. Adds a bendy bone as a new object, similar to how you add an armature.

VSE Loop media

Helps user to create loops in VSE

Blender Strokefont

Add feature to use strokefonts. These are special fonts that can be created as curves in Blender, allowing writing animations. The add-on comes with 26 fonts.

MQO (Metasequoia) format

Import and export Metasequoia files. File extension .mqo

ConverterPIX Wrapper

Adds capability to convert and import SCS game models

Unstructured Grids for Blender

Allow the user to create, import, edit and export 3D volume meshes made up of arbitrary polyhedrons.

Bullet Constraints Builder

Add-on to connect rigid bodies with constraints in a semi-physical way.


Viewport render tool to create playplasts.


Creates a wireframe using freestyle or the wireframe modifier.

Auto Save Render

Auto save render and blend file on render completion.

Auto Drawing Tool

Add-on to create auto-drawing animations.

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