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Blender add-ons


Addon to help the user create common assets for architecture.

Thicket: Laubwerk Plants Add-on for Blender

Allow you to import Laubwerk plants into Blender. The add-on is free but the Laubwerk assets are not.

Eevee Presets

Allow the users to save different render setting presets in Eevee

threejs Blender Export

three.js exporter

Cookie Factory

Helps the user generate models through code

Material Recommender

Material generator

Screencast Keys

Screencast keys add-on for older versions of Blender

Ninja Ripper mesh data (.rip)

Importer for Ninja Ripper 1.5 meshes

Myou game engine exporter

Export Blender scenes to the Myou game engine

UV Align Distribute

Add-on to help distribute and align Uvs


Allow the user to easily render seamless images


Blizzard m3 files importer

glTF MultiExport add-on

Allows gITF export settings per object


Doom 3 skeletal mesh / animation export add-on for Blender

Shapekey import

Import paths as shapekeys, morphing between different shapes imorted as svg files.

Blender Render Music

Allow the user to play music while rendering and plays a tone once the render has finnished.


This add-on allow the user to edit vertex normal data view a handful of tools.

Blender Animation Retargeting

This add-on allows transfering of animations and poses between rigs.

Blender to Webots exporter add-on

Allow the user to export files from Blender to Webots


Import/Export add-on using textfiles between Blender and GrassHopper.

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