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Blender add-ons

Add camera rigs

Adds two camera rigs with UI in Blender

LPY L-systems Blender add-on

Brings L-System features to Blender to create vegetation.


Converts an audio or image file to a height-based mesh using cubes or a plane. The heights is determined by the RGBA channels of an image or the waveform of an audiofile.

Modifier List

Alternative UI for modifiers in Blender that also adds some extra features. The UI can also be moved to the 3D viewport sidebar.

rigid bodys generator

Helps to add rigid bodies and joints to selected bones.

Shape Keys+

Replaces and extends Blender shapekeys system.


Allow nodes in Blender to be imported and exported. Supported node systems: Cycles, Blender Internal, Mitsuba Render, Animation Nodes, and Sverchok.

WASP Med Blender Add-on

This add-on helps users create orthoses. Starting from a 3D scan.

bge logic nodes add-on

Node based logic for Blender Game Engine

V-HACD For Blender 2.80

Enables the use of V-HACD. V-HACD is a library that allow the user to create a convex-hull representation of the object. This can be used as an efficient collision object in games for the object they were generated from

Projector Add-on

Helps the user to easily create a projector by using the camera object.


Allow the user to import particle systems into blender that are supported by the Partio library.

Blender egg importer

An .egg file importer. .egg files are used in the open source Panda3D framework

Verse blender

Client add-on for using verse with Blender. Verse is a netowrk protocol for real-time sharing of 3D data.

Blendermada client

Add-on to access the cc0 material library from Blendermada.com

Stop Motion OBJ

Allow the user to import a sequence of meshes from obj, ply or stl files and have them rendered as individual frames.


This add-on turns high poly photoscanned meshes into low poly usable assets.

SpaceTree Free version

Add-on to generate trees in Blender


Allow the user to flip an animation.


Adds animation tools to Blender allowing the user manipulate groups of keyframes across multiple f-curves at once.

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