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Blender add-ons

Blender VScode Debugger

This add-on adds Python add-on debugging support for Visual Studio Code.

Exact Edit

Add-on to perform precise transformations in Blender.

Parquet, Plancher

An add-on to generate floorboards in Blender.

Precision Drawing Tools(PDT)

A tool package for precise modeling. For engineering and similar CAD needs.

Blender CoD Call of Duty modding

Enables import/export features for Call of Duty models.

Blender Landscape AddOn

Add-on to create a landscape with some features such as forest distribution, water and erosion.

Mesh maze

Generate a maze mesh on any surface in Blender.


Blender add-on to create URDF, SDF and SMURF robot models in a WYSIWYG environment.

Principled Baker

Helps to bake the inputs to a Principled BSDF shader to PBR maps


Helps to create a writing animation in Blender.

3DM Snow

Create snow mesh on selected objects.


Add-on to build tile based low poly scenes.


When an animation is rendered, this add-on takes the output and creates a spritesheet from the frames.

Tension Map Script

An add-on that gives information about stretched and squeezed areas of a mesh. This information can be storoed as vertex color or vertex groups.

Camera calibration pvr

This add-on helps to match Blenders camera with the perspective seen in a photo.

Verge3d Blender addon Open Sourced portion

This is not the complete Verge3D add-on. This add-on contains the open source portion of the project. In this stand alone version it can be used to export gITF 2.0 compliant assets.

Pose Thumbnails

Adds a feature to have thumbnails for poses in a pose library.

Blender Addon Updater

This is not an add-on. Instead it is a framework for add-on developers to create easy install and update features for their add-ons.


Add-on to export from Blender to Vuforia, an augmented reality framework.

V-Ray For Blender Exporter

Add-on to export content from Blender to be used in stand alone V-ray. Not that V-Ray Standalone is not free.

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