Starting today and 30 days forward a new video explaining how a modeling tool works will be released every day. This is part of my goal to try to combine written articles with video.

Here is the first video. Explaining the trusty old extrude tool.

Writing will always be the backbone of Artisticrender but video is sometimes much more efficient in explaining certain concepts and showing how things work. Therefore, this is an experiment on combining the two.

The series is part of the More than 30 Blender modeling tools explained article and builds on what is already available there.

Once the series is complete, I will add the videos to the articles, so if you read this at a later date, you will find everything through the link.

I hope that this will be helpful to people who are currently trying to learn how to model, but also those that already know how to model but may not know all the tools.

Feel free to check out the article and follow the release of these videos. Any feedback is highly appreciated!

Happy Blending.

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