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This is a list of Blender add-ons that I made or have contributed to.

Boxtoggle Tools

Boxtoggle tools (Download link)

This add-on has two features.

The first one is called Boxtoggle. For any selected image texture in your Cycles or Eevee material, this operation will toggle between flat and box project for all of them at the same time. Shortcut: ALT+Q

The second feature is called RotateImage. For the image texture loaded into the selected texture image node, a rotated version of the image will be created in the same file location as the original image. The image texture node will then be populated with this new image. Any additional use of the operator will toggle between the rotated and original version of the image. Shortcut: ALT+W

Import OpenStreetMap (.osm)

Made by Vladimir Elistratov, all credits goes to him. My only contribution is to change a few lines to make it work in Blender 2.80.

Import OpenStreetMap (.osm) (Download link)

With this you can download .osm data from and import it into Blender. Once the add-on is enabled go to File->Import->OpenStreetMap (.osm) and browse for the file.

A more complete alternative called Blender-osm(Premium) is available on Gumroad as well as a standard edition. It is made by the same creator, Vladimir Elistratov.