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A good font resource is valuable when your 3D renders is part of something else. Like a commercial campaign or magazine page. It can also be useful when your design needs text. A font can also be something else, like a collection of icons. Heard of wingdings?

Google Fonts

Probably doesn't need any more introduction. A huge font library with varying open source licenses.

Sky Fonts

This is a software that let you download and sync fonts from the Google Fonts library. You can batch download fonts if you need or single them out to only get what you want.

The fonts are not stored in the windows default font folder. Instead, they get stored in your profile. To find the folder, right flick on any font in the Skyfonts interface and choose "Show font files". That will open explorer and take you to the correct folder.

Font Squirrel

Another open source library of fonts. Very clear and easy to use. I get a feeling that this is a bit more varied than the Google fonts library when I browse through.

A great place when you need a bit more design choice. Even if the library as a whole is quite a bit smaller than the Google fonts library.

Creative Market

When the above sites do not have what I need, I generally turn to Creative Market. It is an asset market for graphics designers but fonts is one of the big things on the marketplace.

I can enjoy sitting down and browsing through all the nice designs for far too long at a time. It is just gorgeous to look at.