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There are a huge amount of game creation resources available today. Everything from specific tools to the very broad. Here I have gathered some resources that I have used and played around with.

Game Engines

Unreal Engine

Unreal engine is the game engine I have the most experience with. My first use of it was in version 4.12. The reason I started here is because of blueprints. It felt so much easier to get something to work with the tools available in unreal compared to any other game engine.

When I work with interactive 3D this is still my go-to engine and I don't think it is going to change any time soon.

Godot Engine

Is this the commercial game engine killer? Probably not. But it is, like Blender, a very interesting open source project. A very small package that has had a huge development curve in recent years.


The biggest competitor to Unreal engine today and probably the most used engine. When I learned about the visual scripting plug-in playmaker for Unity I went through a couple of tutorial series and had a blast with the combo. Never got more serious with it though.