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I use photography for a verity of reasons. From texture photography and reference images for 3D work. All the way to macro photography and close up shots. Recently I also photographed a wedding. Pretty cool stuff.

As a photographer I am an amateur to say the least, but I have a set of tools that I come back to.


Affinity Photo
For me, the Affinity suite is where I go for anything that I can't do in Blender. Making post processing for renders and editing photos. It is a solid piece of software with a good price.

The most negative thing about it is the raw file development environment. It has quite few options and it can be hard to get the effect that you want from what's there.

Nik Collection

I have an old version of the Google Nik collection from when it was free for a while. I still use it. If you want you can still get this if you are prepared to do some digging through the waybackmachine.

Nik collection 2 is now owned by DxO. Never tried their version though.


The camera gear that I use is an older Nikon D5200, kind of entry level camera that does the job.

I use 3 different lenses from 3 different brands, and they all have their place. My go-to lens is a Sigma 17-70 mm Contemporary lens(Amazon) with a varying aperture from 2.8 f-stops to 4.0 f-stops. I use this for at least 80% of my shots.

My second lens is a Yongnuo 50 mm(Amazon) prime lens with a 1.8 f-stop. A beautiful lens for portraits and filming. It also teaches you a lot about photography to have a prime lens. Instead of zooming you get to move your feet.

This leads to appreciation of new angles and perspectives. The last lens is a Tamron 70-300 mm zoom lens with an f-stop of 4.0 to 5.6. This lens is nice for outdoor gatherings on an overcast day. You can zoom in and get a great "in the moment" shot of people that turns out beautiful.


Recently I have started to use stock photos a lot. This is because much of my time goes to writing. I don't have the time to photograph as much. I even struggle to keep up making 3D art once in a while.

Nevertheless, these are the sites that keeps images coming when times do not allow.

First are the free once. Used to be cc0 but not anymore. The difference though is most often that you are not allowed to upload the images on another image library. Other than that you can mostly do what you want with them. But double check, they might change from time to time.

They are all pretty similar but with different images. Some have vector art or short b-roll footage as well or other similar assets.

I never used a paid stock photo site. But these are the recommendations that I have got from other if I were ever going to need one.