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Photogrammetry resources

Photogrammetry has gained a lot of attention in recent years. That is great because it means that we now have multiple software choices. They become easier to set up, understand and use for every iteration. I have not tested every possible photogrammetry software out there but I do have a favorite.

3DF Zephyr lite

This is one of the least popular alternatives for photogrammetry. I never hear anyone talk about it. But for me it is a favorite. Compared to other software, it is fairly slow. But that is about its only downside.

It has an easy step by step workflow that tells you what input it needs on every step. This is essential for me since I am involved in a lot of different things. I need good easy to understand workflows that I can jump back into when it was a while since I last used it.

It has decent tools for masking out and cleaning up the mesh afterwards. The exporting options is a downside with only a handful of formats for the lite edition though. The formats available for mesh export being .ply, .stl and .obj.


I have not yet tested this software. It is open source and I have heard great things about it. Most likely worth a try. I included it here, not because I can recommend it yet, but because it looks very interesting to me.

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