Resource Collection

This is a collection of resources and software that I have found useful for 3D artists in one way or another. Some are free and some are paid resources.

Free to use cc0 or no attribution resources

Textures this is a 5gb package of textures to download got high quality textures only requirement is to create an account to download them. cc0 this is a library of cc0 textures. Mostly photos that is taken to be used as textures, not properly prepared to be seamless or anything though so they need some work.

Images only cc0 images, larges library and fast growing cc0 images, smaller library, may find more unique images here like the two above I guess not cc0 but very close only real difference is that you cant bulk download to create your own image site

Icons it’s not cc0, can’t be used in logos etc. but a very permitting license.


Blender News

Game Engines

2D Image

3D Image

For streaming and video

Texture Work Substance Suite Mindtex2

Art tools Reference image manager Google Font manager