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Resource Collection

This is a collection of resources and software that I have found useful for 3D artists in one way or another. Some are free and some are paid resources.

Free to use cc0 or no attribution resources

Textures - The best place to start at the moment, it is like a texture search engine, searching through a set of the texture sites below as well as some smaller collections. - This site has excellent texture quality made from 3D scans. All cc0 and a historical theme. - This site is a goldmine for anyone needing textures for most kind of scenes and architecture visualization. - Same as above, a growing texture library of high-quality cc0 textures. - Slightly newer site than the above ones but you can find some good textures here. Some textures require you to join the patreon page for access. - To me, this is a newer site but has one of the highest quality overall.

Chocofur  - Got high-quality textures only requirement is to create an account to download them. They also have a nice 3D model collection under the cc0 license.

VirtualShade - Varying license between cc0 and cc-by. Even if the collection is quite small, whats there has excellent quality. - A large collection of image textures. only photos, no texture maps. But the size of the library makes it worth to check out. -  This is a library of cc0 textures. Mostly photos that are taken to be used as textures, not properly prepared to be seamless or anything though so they need some work. - just a handful of textures on the page, but at the bottom, they have a link to a larger library of textures on a Google Drive repository.

HDRI - Possibly the site that has sparked life into multiple of the texture sites above. The goto place for hdri images.

Images -  only cc0 images, larges library, and fast-growing, no longer cc0 to prevent their images to move to other libraries. But other than that they are free to use. - cc0 images, smaller library, may find more unique images here - continue on with the good stuff - like the two above I guess

Icons - it’s not cc0, can’t be used in logos, etc. but a very permitting license.

Blender News

Blendernation - The go-to place for Blender related news

Blender Today - Blender news and community

Game Engines

Godot engine - The open-source game engine

Armory 3D - Game engine running on top of Blender

Unity - Popular game engine

Unreal Engine - Slightly more advanced game engine

Lumberyard - New game engine based on CryEngine

2D Image & vector software

Krita - the number one open-source painting app - interesting vector graphics software

Inkscape - The go-to open-source vector art program

Mischief - Cool infinite canvas painting application - Open source raw image file processing

3D Image

Blender - Needs no more introduction

Makehuman - Software for creating anatomically correct human models

ProRender - Alternative render engine that runs in Blender - Show your 3D creations on the web

For streaming and video

vb-audio - Advanced audio mixer tools

Open Broadcast Software - record and broadcast

Audacity - Improve your audio

Art tools

Kuadro - Reference image manager


Digicamcontrol - control your DSLR from your computer