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Recommended resources

This is my collection of resources. Both hardware and software. They have been tested and I think they work well. I recommend the things that I believe in and that has helped.

The recommendations range from free to premium. What I try to aim for is the sweet spot between price and performance in every category. Have a look and see what I think and why.

So, make yourself some coffee and let’s find what you need for your next project!

Courses and learning material that I work with or have gone through

3d Model libraries and software

All the hardware that I use or recommend

Render farms and other solutions to rendering your projects

Design tools and software

Anything related to making games or other real time 3D applications.

Tools to optimize your work for web or make 3D in the browser.

Font libraires

All Blender add-ons that I use and recommend.

Texture libraries and software

Stock photo sites and photo editing software

Books I have read and recommend or that I want to read

Gear and software to make video

Photogrammetry software and gear that I use.

Audio and recording tools for when you need audio for your project.

Utility tools for Windows that will help you work more effectively

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