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This is by far my favorite resource category. This is a collection of tools that makes life so much easier. I use Windows 10 as my operating system but some tools may be available to other platforms as well.


This is a clipboard manager. It is free to download and use. It keeps a history of your clipboard and allows you to save clips in a library. You can also search through both the history and your library to find the clipboard content that you need.

I don't know how often I copy and paste then realize that I copied something else in between. In those cases this is a godsend, you can just bring up the clipboard history with "ctrl+shift+v" and find the right entry.

You can also save clips that you often paste in a folder structure accessible from the same menu. It can be used for URLs, commonly used code snippets, hex colors or any data that you often copy and paste.

Keep in mind that if you have a habit of copy pasting passwords, they will also go into the clipboard history.


This is an excellent and free tool for renaming files. Imagine that you rendered out an animation as an image sequence and the file names are 0001.png all the way to 0780.png. Now you open Renamemaster and browse for the folder. Then with an interface that slightly reminds me of the modifier stack in Blender you can select how you want to change the names of selected files in bulk.

It has a very easy to understand interface and is fast to use. It also shows you both the original names and the output names of each file in a list before you commit any changes.

Cold Turkey

This app literary changed my life. It may sound cheesy but it is true. Cold turkey allows you to very granularity setup application and website blocks. Yes, that's right, it blocks you from using certain apps and websites. You can set a timer or a schedule and tell it exactly what you can use during the period.

I thought that I was productive but as it turns out, I was not. I often went to check on social media and YouTube. I did not realize how often though until I tried cold turkey, and oh boy did I save a lot of time until I learned to control my instincts.

Now I barely use it anymore, but for any procrastinating artist out there, try this. You might end up creating instead of consuming.


This app is like OneNote or Evernote, but much better. It is a note taking app but it can also handle tables, lists and simpler functions. I use it to structure most of the work I do on It helps me keep track of daily tasks, long term goals and plans.

Very good for planning art projects among other things.


To complement Notion I use Writemapper. It is a mind mapping app that allows you to write a document on each node. The subject line becomes the mind map node then you can kind of tab yourself in and out of each node and write.

Super useful for brainstorming ideas.


A free software that helps you organize reference images. I wrote a guide on how to use it together with some other tools to work with reference images.


I use this for taking screenshots. It is a versatile tool that comes with a lightweight image editor to quickly add to any screencast you take. You can capture a display, a window or custom region. You can also send screenshots to various locations.
It also has some other seemingly random but very useful tools. Here is a list of some features.

  • Screen color picker and color wheel
  • Image combiner
  • Thumbnailer
  • QR code creator
  • GIF creator

You can also use ShareX to tweet a message if you feel like it. A good tool to have that also goes very well together with other tools on this list like Renamemaster and Clipclip.


If you take your time to explore some or all of these tools I am sure that you will be able to increase your productivity. The tasks that these kinds of tools help us with are tings that take up a lot of our time. Time that can be spent in a 3D application.