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Blender add-ons

Bullet Constraints Builder

Add-on to connect rigid bodies with constraints in a semi-physical way.

Blender color matching

Match colors between color systems

Mirror Vertex Groups

Mirror vertex groups

Auto Drawing Tool

Add-on to create auto-drawing animations.

Advanced Boomsmash

Spits out OpenGL renders to the hard drive as fast as possible to be able to get a preview animation.


Export jbeam data for BeamNG.drive

Index Visualizer

Visualize vertices, edges and faces id numbers in 3D viewport.

Blender Depot Importer

Allow you to manage add-ons through Blenderdepot. A platform to discover and install add-ons for Blender

Blender curve to svg

Export Blender curves to svg.

Headus UVlayout Bridge

Allows quick export from Blender to Headus for UV unwrapping. Headus is a paid tool.

Animated Render Border

This add-on allow you to adapt the render border for each frame.

Screen Tabs

Add-on to improve UI in Blender 2.79.

Cookie Factory

Helps the user generate models through code

threejs Blender Export

three.js exporter

Myou game engine exporter

Export Blender scenes to the Myou game engine

Ninja Ripper mesh data (.rip)

Importer for Ninja Ripper 1.5 meshes

Screencast Keys

Screencast keys add-on for older versions of Blender


Blizzard m3 files importer


Doom 3 skeletal mesh / animation export add-on for Blender

Blender Render Music

Allow the user to play music while rendering and plays a tone once the render has finnished.

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