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Blender add-ons


When an animation is rendered, this add-on takes the output and creates a spritesheet from the frames.

Camera calibration pvr

This add-on helps to match Blenders camera with the perspective seen in a photo.

Pose Thumbnails

Adds a feature to have thumbnails for poses in a pose library.

V-Ray For Blender Exporter

Add-on to export content from Blender to be used in stand alone V-ray. Not that V-Ray Standalone is not free.


Add-on to export from Blender to Vuforia, an augmented reality framework.


Brings photogrammetry to Blender. It takes multiple images taken from different angles as input and outputs geometry based on the depth information from the input images.


Add-on to help create minecraft models in Blender. Works with Minecraft 1.9.


Add-on to help you setup, organize and work with lights in Blender. Also helps you handle your HDRI images.


Generate mesh patterns through mathematical operations, tesselation is the primary feature.

Lapineige’s Tools

Contains multiple smaller add-ons such as AutoMirror, Tweak Area, Multi-Camera Render etc.

Magic UV

Adds multiple UV manipulation tools for Blender

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