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Blender add-ons

Cinepack: Pre-Animated Camera Moves

Cinepack is an add-on that features a large set of pre-animated camera moves. It means that it becomes very easy to create camera movements through your scene. Just pick the camera motion from a variety of categories and import it into your scene.


Generating .bvh metarigs. Maps performer rig on a character using constraints

Map Projection (bpyproj)

Registers a module in Blender called pyproj. Pyproj is a module to help map different maps on top of each other based on their coordinates.

Construction Beam

Tower array builder

Empty to Image Plane

Create a matching image plane at an empty image object.

HPL3 Export

HPL3 exporter for Blender

Set Presice Mesh /CAD

Tool to set precis angles and lengths of mesh elements.

PBR Material Importer

Material importer that imports PBR textures based on the Principled BSDF shader. Materials are imported based on an XML file.


Allow a user to import and export render settings in Blender. Works with Cycles, Eevee and Workbench engine as well as settings for the DuBlast add-on.


Help the user to clean up imorted cad models.

Maze Generator

Add-on to generate maze geometry based on different kinds of algorithms. Has support for a lot of different options.

Unity Batch Exporter

Unity exporter script to easily export individual objects.

Render Farm Client

Helps the user to render on a custom render farm.

Cycles Presets

Allow the user to save render settings presets for Cycles.


5 button interaction with Blender to speed up your work.

BVH Fixer

Features to fix in place BVH motion capture files.

Apply Modifiers for Object with Shape Keys

Gives the user a way to apply modifiers on objects with shape keys

Mesh From Curve

Allow the user to use curves instead of tracing an object with polygons.

Perfect 3D Model (.p3m) Importer

Importer for .p3m files

Mr Mannequins Tools

Import and export Unreal Engine 4 Mannequin compatible armatures and meshes.

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