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Blender add-ons


Creates a wireframe using freestyle or the wireframe modifier.

Blender color matching

Match colors between color systems

Grease Writer

Creates text animations with Grease Pencil automatically, also has some other related Grease Pencil animation features.

Godot Game Tools

Better export options for the godot game engine

Blender NLA Midi Copier

Helps the user to create animation based on the notes from a midi file in the NLA editor.

Seashells & Paper Fans

Creates seashells and paper fans.


Uses ZMQ sockets to bring processes outside of Blenders main loop so that the interface won't freeze during heavy computational tasks. Can be used as a starting point for other add-ons.

Blender Depot Importer

Allow you to manage add-ons through Blenderdepot. A platform to discover and install add-ons for Blender

VisualSPHysics Blender Addon

Allow users to render DualSPHysics simulations in Blender

Uchronian Logic: UPBGE Logic Nodes

A logic node system for UPBGE. Note that this requires the UPBGE fork of Blender.

Animated Render Border

This add-on allow you to adapt the render border for each frame.

Export Toolset

FBX Exporter for Unity and Unreal Engine 4

Thicket: Laubwerk Plants Add-on for Blender

Allow you to import Laubwerk plants into Blender. The add-on is free but the Laubwerk assets are not.


Addon to help the user create common assets for architecture.

Import Pixle Art

Import images as colored cubes, one fore each pixel in an image.


An L-System add-on for Blender

Material Recommender

Material generator

Eevee Presets

Allow the users to save different render setting presets in Eevee

UV Align Distribute

Add-on to help distribute and align Uvs


Allow the user to easily render seamless images

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