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Blender add-ons

Mesh maze

Generate a maze mesh on any surface in Blender.


Helps to create a writing animation in Blender.

3DM Snow

Create snow mesh on selected objects.

Tension Map Script

An add-on that gives information about stretched and squeezed areas of a mesh. This information can be storoed as vertex color or vertex groups.

Blender Addon Updater

This is not an add-on. Instead it is a framework for add-on developers to create easy install and update features for their add-ons.

Pose Thumbnails

Adds a feature to have thumbnails for poses in a pose library.

Verge3d Blender addon Open Sourced portion

This is not the complete Verge3D add-on. This add-on contains the open source portion of the project. In this stand alone version it can be used to export gITF 2.0 compliant assets.

Screencast Keys

Screencast keys add-on. Allow you to display keypresses and mouse clicks in Blender. Mostly used for video recoroding and live streaming.


Jewelry design toolkit. Create and customize gems, organize them and calculate weights are among the features.


Add-on to help you setup, organize and work with lights in Blender. Also helps you handle your HDRI images.


Generate mesh patterns through mathematical operations, tesselation is the primary feature.

Blender Power Sequencer

A set of tools to simplify and expand the functionality of blenders VSE. Also comes with BPSProxy and BPSRender for multicore proxy setup and rendering for the VSE


Motion Graphics add-on to help offset animation for multiple objects, copy and link animation between objects and manage properties of absolute shape keys among other features.

Bezier Utility Operations

Interactive tool to draw and edit Bezier curves.

Nature Clicker

Gives you an interface to click-place assets with different randomization suited for nature

Magic UV

Adds multiple UV manipulation tools for Blender


Imports map data from Google Maps

Decal Machine

Decal machine helps users both add and create decals as well as mange them in an internal asset management system that comes with the add-on. There are also plenty of presets already included and other creators has created packs for this add-on. Decal machine is an alternative to traditional texturing where we snap a decal […]

Pie Menu Editor

This add-on is a must-have if you are into customizing your interface. It gives you the option to completely create your own pie menus, regular menus, side-panels and toolbars. You can create your own macros or insert the tools you use into these menus and toolbars as well as choosing shortcut keys. While it takes […]

Asset Management

Asset management is an excellent add-on to manage assets in Blender. It sets up a folder structure based on categories and libraries in a folder specified by the user. When we add new assets to the library we can choose to render thumbnails on the fly and have them displayed in the interface immediately. This […]

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