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Video resources

When you have rendered out your animation you might have to run it through a video editor. Perhaps put some cuts together, add an intro and some credits. Occasionally I need a video editor to do a few simple cuts. These are the software that I use during those times.


Blender is actually a decent video editor as well. It had some nice upgrades lately and the Power sequencer add-on has added some much-needed improvements to it. If you are familiar with how Blender works, you might as well try out the video sequence editor as well.
The number one downside of the video sequence editor in Blender is that the rendering is not very well optimized. It renders using a single CPU core.
However, that can be worked around if you are willing to use a command line tool to do the render that comes with power sequencer. Not optimal, but a decent workaround for now. If you want to learn more about how it works, you can visit this YouTube video on the GDQuest channel.


My next option is Power Director. It is generally though of as a consumer grade video editor. But for the occasional video editing that I do, I find it to be very quick and easy to use.

PowerDirector has among the fastest rendering times I have seen. It feels encouraging to finish more projects when they are completed and uploaded so fast and easy.

Open Broadcast Software

Great open-source tool for recording. Free, easy to use and setup.

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