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Since I started I tested some tools for the web related to 3D. Putting 3D assets on your website is interesting for the visitor. It still has a kind of "wow" factor to it for a lot of people. There are also other resources here that can help with 3D for the web.


This is a complete package to create 3D applications and simpler games for the web. It can be anything from a product configurator for an online store or an application showing how something works. It is also completely integrated into Blender. A very cool product. You can test it for free forever. Download it through the link above and get to the product page here.

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Sketchfab lets you upload your 3D creations to their site and showcase them. You can embed the 3D asset to any website or share it online for others to view. It also has an add-on for Blender that helps with the workflow. Super cool platform that recently also opened an asset store.


Not directly related to 3D but an essential piece for images for the web. Shortpixel compresses your images so that their size becomes suitable for the web. I use it for almost every image on

They have a free plan that lets you compress 100 images/month. Perfect for those that doesn't upload a ton of images or just want to compress a handful of images for use on a website.

Most of the time when I compressed my renders, I couldn't see a difference. Sometimes though a color change or slight blurriness may creep in. Though, I think this is acceptable for the web in most cases.