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About Artisticrender

ArtisticRender, as it is today started on the 3rd of September 2019 by Erik Selin.

The vision for ArtisticRender.com is to build a library of knowledge around digital 3D art with a focus on tools that are easy for anyone to access. This naturally led to a focus on Blender as it is the leading open source 3D software today.

ArtisticRender is therefore currently focused on creating content around Blender and the eco system surrounding it to support artists wanting to deepen their understanding of this incredible tool.

When I started out there were only a handful of websites writing content for Blender while YouTube has plenty. Video is a great medium to learn but if you want to dive deeper and understand not only the how but the why, the written word is a tool that should not be neglected.

Today Artisticrender is a growing collection of both articles and videos covering Blender and its surrounding eco system for anyone to enjoy.


Featured on Blendernation
Drawbridge 3D environment artwork
Featured on Blendernation
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ArtisticRender on youtube


I bought the domain name in 2017 and using the way back machine you can still see how the site looked back then. At the time it was more of a hobby project that with time grew larger.

About 2 years later, at the start of 2019 I left my job as an IT-technician at a school to pursue a freelance career in digital 3D art. I struggled to reach out to people and find work for several months and eventually decided that freelancing probably was not for me.

So, in the beginning of September 2019, I decided to put in full gear and really start to take content creation seriously since I saw a need for written content in the digital 3D art space.

That point marks the beginning of Artisticrender as it is today.

I knew that it was going to be though in the beginning since most articles take several months to rank on Google and no traffic was going to come my way for a while.

I started to see some success in early 2020 but for some reason my growth stagnated during the second quarter. But during this time I persisted and continued to create content for topics that to me seemed unserved.

Eventually the growth picked up speed again and fast-forward to the end of 2020 and the site has served around 400.000 page views for users all around the world.

Artisticrender is here to stay, grow and server content to anyone who joins in in this world-wide community.

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