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Top 10 lighting add-ons for Blender

For many beginners Blender artists lighting is postponed or neglected in favor of modeling and shading. Probably because it generally comes later in the 3D pipeline. But setting up a good base lighting for your project early on will help set the direction for your 3D project and art. Here are the best add-ons I […]

Remeshing in Blender

Occasionally we need to deal with objects that has a completely unworkable mesh in Blender. It can be anything from a sculpt made with dynamic topology to a photo scanned object. In those cases, remeshing can be a quick way to help ease up or even solve the problem. Especially if the manual way of […]

Blender Dynamic topology: What, where, how and problem solving

When I was first testing dynamic topology, I was confused. I had learned that topology was so important to get right, and here was a tool that completely neglected all of that while sculpting in Blender. Dynamic topology, or Dyntopo is a tool that automatically subdivide your mesh while sculpting so that more detail can […]

Blender emission shaders guide

Emission Shaders in Blender are a great way to add more detail and realism to your projects and renders. This article would be helpful for those exploring emission shaders for the first time, and can also be very helpful for more experienced users to understand more about the emission shaders and different ways they could […]

Is Blender Hard to Learn? How Long Will It Take?

As the digital world has continued snowballing, plenty of enthusiasts have begun dabbling with the idea of learning how to use 3D modeling and animation software. Blender is undoubtedly a fantastic option, but it is challenging to learn. So, is Blender hard to understand? How long will it take to learn Blender? Blender is quite […]

Blender curve object: Bezier, Nurbs, paths, Modifiers and profiles

We can use curve objects in Blender to create round and more organic shapes and surfaces. Curve objects work differently from regular mesh objects and we can use them both as helper objects to shape something else or generate geometry from them. To create a curve object, click Shift+A and go to the curves menu. […]

How Much RAM Does Blender Use?

Blender has become incredibly popular for artists and enthusiasts over the last few years, with more and more industries beginning to utilize 3D technology for their various purposes. Although the software is undoubtedly versatile, there are some system requirements for operations. So, how much RAM does Blender use? Enthusiasts could get by with 8GB – […]

Setup a skybox using the sky texture in Blender

The light coming from the sky is often one of the primary light sources. In Blender terminology, we rarely hear the word skybox. Instead, we use phrases like world material or environment, but they are all the same thing. To set up a sky texture, go to the world material tab, expand the surface section […]

How to set up and use a lattice in Blender

Using a lattice is a simple way to deform a mesh object in Blender and we can use it in many situations. In this article, I will explain how you can use a lattice in your Blender project to shape objects without changing the geometry. Click Shift+A to open the Add Menu and select ‘Lattice’. […]

Blender tool: Inset, how it works and when to use it

The inset tool is one of the standard edit mode modeling tools in Blender. Personally, I think that if you only used five modeling tools for your modeling projects, the inset tool would be one of them. To use the inset tool in Blender, press tab to enter edit mode, select some faces, and hit […]

Extrude in Blender: Basics, along curve, circles, manifold and more

Extruding in Blender is the most common modeling tool to help us shape and build geometry for our mesh object. Extrude is an edit mode tool that pulls out new geometry from a selection in our mesh. We activate extrude by having a selection and pressing E to extrude those faces. Then move the mouse […]

How to setup Blender for a laptop

The common recommendation is to use Blender with a desktop computer, but as hardware grows more powerful and the demand for mobility increase year by year, even for 3D artists, the laptop is increasingly becoming the hardware of choice. With that comes certain challenges when you are trying to create the artwork of your career. […]

How to use the GPU to render with Blender

In this article we are going to cover some common questions about GPU rendering in Blender. By default the GPU isn't used for rendering in Blender, so for new artists, they may be missing out on a lot of performance if they don't configure their Blender correctly. In general, the GPU is the preferred device […]

Top 7 places to buy Blender 3D models

If you are creating a larger project, chances are that you don’t have time to create all the 3D models required. In that case it can be time saving and affordable to look for 3D models on the available 3D asset stock markets. Here we list the top 10 places to find and buy 3D […]

How to apply modifiers in Blender

There are differences between different versions of Blender, and there are multiple problems you may encounter. But here is the brief answer. In Blender version 2.9x and later you can apply a modifier by clicking it so that the outline becomes blue, press Ctrl+A to apply it. You can also press the menu showed by […]

How to use vertex groups in Blender

Vertex groups are a useful tool when we want to mask things in Blender. Many modifiers have an input slot for vertex group, allowing us to only affect portions of the object. Likewise, we can use vertex groups with particle systems, simulations, and with a little trick convert them so that we can even use […]

10 tips for UV unwrapping in Blender

UV unwrapping can be a daunting task when you first get into it. There are many things that can go wrong, and you need to know what you're going to use your UV map for. Here is a list of 10 tips that I have composed to help you on your journey to become a […]

Vegetation Blender add-on review and guide

Vegetation is the name of another nature asset add-on for Blender. This time it focuses on trees, shrubs, and bushes exclusively. This is a smart move since digital 3D grass is a quite saturated market that needs some complementary assets in the Blender space. In short, the assets are of high quality as expected, but […]

How the color ramp node works in Blender

Soon after you start to dive into nodes, shaders, and compositing in Blender you will come across the color ramp node. This is one of the most used nodes and it is important to understand how it works. A color ramp in Blender is a node that we can use in either the shader editor […]

10 Best Movies Made with Blender

Blender is a great way for you to start making animated movies because of how it is completely opensource and comes with great editing tools that will allow you to try to create your own 3D animations all for free. There have also been great movies that were made using Blender. You may not have […]

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