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7 reasons viewport navigation is not working in Blender

When you start learning Blender, getting a good grip on how viewport navigation works is a big deal for your confidence. Constantly getting stuck with the seemingly simple things can be detrimental for your learning experience. That is why it is important to learn how to solve common viewport navigation issues in Blender. When viewport […]

How to add film grain in the compositor using Blender?

Film grain is often used in renders, whether its subtle or a very noticeable effect it can help bring a render together and set the tone. Film grain is small metallic particles on the photographic celluloid. It is a defect from the old film camera process that we have become so used to seeing that […]

Why is my render black in Blender?

Sometimes you find yourself trying to do a nice-looking render and when the rendering time has finished it turns out that the image is completely black! Here are some possible reasons why your render is black: The compositor node is not connected to the output The objects are hidden or disabled for rendering The lights […]

How to select all in Blender

Selecting all objects or elements in Blender should be a simple matter, and it is. To select all in Blender, press A while your mouse is in the 3D viewport or outliner. You can also go to the select menu and choose "all". To deselect all press Alt+A or go to the select menu and […]

Masking for the compositor in Blender

Adjusting Renders and compositing footage in Blender will often require us to use masks. Blender provides many tools we can use to do most masking jobs. So how do we mask in Blender? In the compositor we can create basic masks with the Box and Ellipse nodes. These nodes also support combining of different masks […]

Join, merge and separate objects in Blender

A crucial skill when working with 3D art is to be able to manage our objects and organizing them. This includes separating and combining them in several ways. So how do we join and separate objects in Blender? We can join objects in object mode by holding shift while selecting them and pressing Ctrl+J to […]

How to cut out a shape in your object in Blender?

Cutting holes in an object can be a bit time consuming in Blender depending on the model and the shape we want but there are a few tools provides to make this process easier. So, how do we cut out a shape? Select the Object we want to cut. Set the object mode to edit. […]

Shortcut for vertex, edge, and face select in Blender

Learning shortcuts need to be carried out often is crucial for saving time for more important tasks. And what's one of the most repetitive tasks while modeling in Blender? That's right- switching between vertex, edge, and face select modes. In the latest Blender version, in edit mode, use the number row 1, 2, and 3 […]

How to add a shortcut in Blender

When you are new to a software, things can take a little more time. You know what you want to do, but you just don’t really know where the option for that is. Through time, you find yourself using the same tools and settings repeatedly and having to locate them. To speed up the work, […]

How To Delete a Material in Blender

So you’ve just started learning Blender, you’ve got your good old friend the default cube just sitting there as you begin to model it into something show-stopping. You’ve textured it through the use of materials, but what if you change your mind? What do you do with all these extra, outdated materials now? To delete […]

Shortcuts for adding objects in Blender

Adding objects is one of the most common actions in Blender. It is important that we can do this quickly, because every time we need to go through the menu, we waste valuable seconds that add up over time. To add an object in Blender, use the shortcut key Shift+A while in object mode and […]

Vignette setup in Blender compositor

Vignette can be a nice subtle effect to add to our renders. Blender comes with a compositor that lets us create effects like this but there's no vignette node. So how do we create a vignette effect in Blender? To create a vignette effect in Blender follow these steps: Go to the compositing workspace and […]

Blender geometry nodes fundamentals guide

Geometry nodes has now been around for a while and the time to get into it is now better than ever. In this fundamentals guide we will cover topics such as how to setup geometry nodes, the core fundamental tools we need to understand to be effective with it and touch on what we should […]

Add single vert, at intersections, in middle of face in Blender

The trick in learning software is to learn the fundamentals well and gain confidence that you are using the right tool for the right task. In this article we are therefore looking at one of the basics. Adding vertices in Blender. To create an object containing a single vertex without needing add-ons in Blender, follow […]

Creating a lens flare in the compositor in Blender

Lens flares can be a great way to spice up a render and give it a more realistic look. While we could add these effects in a separate program Blender comes with a built-in compositor that we can use to add these effects. So how do we do it? To create a lens flare in […]

Rotate, scale and move in relation to normals in Blender

There are quite a few cases when we may want to transform an object relative to its normals in Blender, Blender provides us a few ways to do this. So how do we transform something relative to its normals in Blender? To transform something relative to a normal: Select the object with the normal we […]

How to weight paint in Blender

There are many times in Blender where we will need to setup vertex groups and weight paint, whether we're creating an armature or setting up a vertex group to distribute particles. So how do we weight paint? To Weight Paint in Blender: Select the Object to weight paint and navigate to Properties > Mesh Data […]

Is Blender a CAD software?

when talking about 3D modeling software there seems to be a difference between Blender and CAD Software, are they different? Is Blender CAD Software? No, Blender is not a CAD software. CAD software relies primarily on curve modeling while Blender primarily relies on polygon modeling. CAD Models are a collection of shapes defined with math […]

How to pixelate an image using the compositor in Blender

Pixel art is a popular artform and being able to convert your renders to a pixelated version can be a cool feature. To pixelate an image or render in Blender using the compositor follow these steps: Go to the compositor and check use nodes. Add two scale nodes and a pixelate node in between. Put […]

5 Different types of normals in Blender

We often hear about normals and normal maps when working with 3D art. You may also have heard of terms like tangent normals, object normals and world normals. Let's dive a bit deeper into these terms and explore the differences. Here are five kinds of normals we come across when doing digital 3D art: Face […]

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