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How to duplicate and link objects in Blender

Duplicating objects is generally a common step in artists' workflows, but the linked duplicate feature in Blender is often overlooked. It can be handy to learn how both of these actions work, and what both of them really do. To duplicate an object in Blender, select it and press Shift+D or right-click and select "Duplicate […]

How to un-subdivide or undo subdivisions in Blender

Blender's subdivide tool and subdivision surface modifier are both very helpful for creating intricate, smooth, and aesthetically pleasing models while keeping a simple and clean mesh. However, you might at certain points want to undo such subdivisions to simplify your mesh for rendering or exporting. Luckily, this is just as simple and can be done […]

How to select an edge loop or face loop in Blender?

Have you ever been working on a model and wanted to select all the faces or edges connected by sides? Well, these connected faces and edges are called loops and Blender actually provides a pretty simple way to select them. So how do we select edge or face loops in Blender? To select edge and […]

Blender beginner 3D modeling tools and shortcuts tutorial

Blender can seem like an intimidatingly complicated program to start learning with its vast user interface. The simplest of tasks can be accomplished in numerous different ways, with varying tools, in order to work in the most efficient and organized manner possible. One of the first steps for creating in Blender is modeling, and Blender’s […]

Change axis orientation in Blender

Have you ever been modeling something in Blender and wanted to move a face along the direction it's facing? Maybe you wanted to rotate an object relative to its current rotation. We can do that with axis orientations in Blender. So how do we change the axis orientation in Blender? To change the axis orientation […]

How grease pencil brushes work in Blender

While Blender may be famous as a 3D modelling software, it also has grease pencil: A versatile and powerful tools for creating entirely 2D scenes within Blender or even to add 2D elements to a 3D scene. Naturally drawn strokes and shapes can help you achieve a more unique look in your artwork and can […]

How to change the camera aspect ratio in Blender

The camera composition is crucial to create an aesthetically pleasing render, and aspect ratio is one of the numerous factors which can alter the way elements within a scene are arranged and shown. Aspect ratios can, for example, be used to achieve a more realistic feel to the render. So how do you actually change […]

How to add and use green screen background in Blender?

When thinking of green screens and when to use them, Blender might not be the first thing to come to mind. Green screens can actually be quite a useful alternative to alpha though. Green screens can help us cut down on image sequence file size by including the alpha channel as a color, we can […]

10 Animation problems in Blender and how to solve them

Animation can be a complex process that requires a deep understanding of the software being used. Whether you are a professional animator or a hobbyist, it's important to be aware of the common problems that can arise when working with Blender. This article will provide a general overview of some of the most frequently encountered […]

How to use Mixamo in Blender

Mixamo is a handy free tool that we can use to easily rig and animate our models. While we can do both of those inside of Blender, Mixamo speeds up the process quite a bit and comes with a ton of animations. To use Mixamo in Blender, we need the Mixamo add-on and an account […]

Color correction and color grading in Blender compositor

Color correction and grading can really help bring a render together. The Blenders compositor comes with a few nodes we can use for color correction and grading in Blender. To color correct and grade our renders we use the compositor. Within the compositor we have multiple nodes at our disposal, such as the color balance […]

How to create a looping animation in Blender

Looping animations can be quite useful in a number of ways. For example, we wouldn't want to manually animate hundreds of frames of walking. Instead, we'd just create a short walking animation and play it on a loop. So how do we create a looping animation in Blender? To create a looping animation in Blender: […]

How to snap objects to grid in Blender

Grid snapping can be quite useful when we want to align objects and geometry precisely. For example, when we're working with modular objects. Depending on what sort of snapping we want it can be a little unclear how to achieve it in Blender. So how do we snap objects to the grid in Blender? To […]

Top 10 render engines for Blender

One of the key features of Blender is its ability to integrate with a wide range of render engines, each offering different features and capabilities. In this article, we will be discussing the top 10 render engines that can be used with Blender. The list of render engines we will be going through in this […]

How to crop an image in the compositor in Blender

After performing a render, you might want to edit it by cropping or resizing the image using the compositor that Blender provides. This is possible using the "crop node" in the compositor window. In the compositor in Blender, press use nodes and add a crop node from the add menu and drop it between the […]

How to change editor in Blender?

Learning how the interface works in Blender primarily comes down to learning the terminology of each part. When we have a project open, we have the application window. Within the application window we have workspaces that we can manage using the tabs at the top of the application window. Within a workspace we have multiple […]

How to aim the camera at an object in Blender

Having an appropriate and suitable camera angle for your renders can be crucial to help in showcasing your beautiful scenes and objects. In this article, we will explore the process of positioning the camera to capture an object within the scene. To aim the camera at an object in Blender, pan around the viewport using […]

How to change exposure in Blender

Adjusting the exposure in Blender can greatly enhance the overall look and feel of your renders. By correctly setting the exposure, you can achieve a more realistic and compelling image. Whether you want to create a moody, low-light scene or a bright and sunny one, learning how to adjust the exposure will give you more […]

Snap camera to view in Blender

Framing the camera in Blender can be a bit of a challenge when we're just working with the transformation and rotation tools. Blender comes with a much easier way of positioning our camera though, instead of manually positioning the camera we can instead just snap it to the viewport. So how do we snap the […]

Changing environment textures in Blender

No matter what you are making in 3D, environment textures in Blender are incredibly useful to get quick and easy lighting or even background images to make your work more detailed or even more realistic. And the best part? It hardly takes more than a minute to set up! To change the environment texture in […]

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