Blender 2.8 basics part 4 – Transformations

Blender 2.8 has come with many new features and one of them is the reworked tools panel. It is it’s flaws and you will discover that it works quite different from using shortcuts. Now we are finally getting into some of the fun stuff. We will start to manipulate objects, learn more of the common

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Blender 2.8 Basics part 3 Viewport navigation

Here we start to take a look at the viewport and navigation in 3D space. It may be a bit different from other softwares in the 3D industry, however when you get a feel for how blenders navigation works you will fly through the viewport. Watch this video to get a head start or read

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blender 2.8 basics part 2 editors and interface feature image

Blender 2.8 Basics part 2 Editors and Interface

Editors and interface Just like in the first part there is the video version available and keep scrolling if you prefer a quick read. How to rearrange the interface Let us start with learning how the interface works. If we mess up the interface in some way, we can always go back to the file menu

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Blender 2.8 download install basics part 1

Blender 2.8 Basics part 1 Download & install

By the end of this article you will have learned how Blender 2.8 download and installation works. You will also know what system requirements are recommended. At the end we will also look at some initial settings that are good to know before starting your Blender adventures. If you rather watch a short video instead

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Eevee lighting interior

Eevee lighting interiors

Goal In this article, the goal is to outline the key points that we need to consider when dealing with lighting and reflections in EEVEE for interiors scenes. For cycles, we had the luxury of plug and play with an HDRI. A lot of the time that was enough to get good base lighting for

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Blender selection tools short tutorial#3

In Blender there is a variety of ways to select different parts of a mesh. However, it’s not always clear how we can combine these to make a more advanced selection. In this tutorial we will start by looking at some of the basic stuff. Then we will dive just a slight bit further and

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Physically based rendering and Blender materials

Physically based rendering and blender materials Physically based rendering in Blender has been a guesswork for some time. With 2.79 however comes the principled shader. It will help you to create accurate blender materials for cycles. However, there still seems to be some confusion on how it works. Let’s get a closer look at it

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The ultimate reference photos workflow in a nutshell

Imagine that you have just decided what is going to be your next 3D project and you are thinking bout where to start. Well reference photos of course. You should always start with reference and you should keep them around through your whole project. Pinterest is a great tool to help you sort and organize

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Blender Shear Tool Short tutorial#2

This is the second tutorial in our series of short tutorials that cover one specific topic, tool or addon. This time the Blender shear tool. This tool is very useful for architectural modelling where we need to create nice angles. For instance, when you create a profile for a doorframe or window frame this tool

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Blender F2 Addon explained

Blender F2 Addon Explained Short tutorial#1

The Blender F2 addon is a quite simple addon that extends the functionality of the F key in Blender. By default, the F key is a quite unintuitive tool to use. The F2 addon extends on its behavior by adding three functions. First you only need to select one edge and hit F to add

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21 resources for artists you may not know about

As 3D artists, we are always on the hunt for good resources. I like to add more and more bookmarks to my browser as often as I get the chance. Here I have tried to gather some resources that I think is less known or at least less talked about in the 3D artists community.

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