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How to change the color of an object in Blender?

Changing the color of an object in Blender can mean different things. Do we want to change the color for the final render or in the viewport? If we want to change the color in the viewport, what viewport mode are we in? Let's cut to the short version of how to change the color […]

How to change the language in Blender

Are you having trouble navigating Blender in your native language? Changing the language in Blender is actually quite easy and can be done in just a few simple steps. In this article, we will walk you through the process of changing the language of the Blender interface, and the benefits of doing so. To change […]

How do grease pencil layers work in Blender

When working with most drawing programs we will at some point want to use layers. Layers are handy for organizing and separating different elements of drawing. Blender's grease pencil tool also has layers and these can be especially handy in Blender. So how do we use grease pencil layers in Blender? Grease pencil layers allow […]

How to draw on an object with Grease Pencil in Blender?

Using grease pencil to draw on objects can help give our renders a more stylized look. Whether we want to give our objects a hand drawn outline or use or objects as a reference for the grease pencil strokes. So how do we draw on objects with grease pencil? To draw on an object with […]

Ctrl B not working in Blender

Ctrl + B is a very useful shortcut that we'll often use when modeling in Blender. Sometimes we'll go to bevel an object and it will end up being scaled incorrectly or won't work at all. So, what is the solution to some of these common issues with Ctrl + B? To resolve most issues […]

Blender animation shortcuts

Like many of the things we can do in Blender they usually are accessible by both a menu and a shortcut. This can become quite repetitive when we need to repeat these operations many times. So what are the main shortcuts used for animation in Blender? A few of the most commonly used animation shortcuts […]

How to change animation length and fps in Blender?

Before we can start animating in Blender, we have to setup our animation length and fps. So how do we set these and what should we set them to? To change the animation length in Blender: Go to the output properties tab in the right-side properties panel and find the frame range section. Here, change […]

How to change the active camera in Blender?

Whenever we're doing any sort of 3D rendering in Blender, we'll need to use cameras. One detail about cameras that can be a bit confusing is the active camera system. To change the active camera in Blender: Navigate to the properties window > scene properties and to the scene tab. Under the scene tab click […]

How to change the scale in Blender

Changing the scale can mean a few things in Blender. We may want to change the scene scale. We may also want to change the object scale. So how do we do either of these in Blender? To change the scale of your scene in Blender, you can change the unit scale by going to […]

How to change the brush size in Blender

Blender has several features for using brushes. From sculpt mode to texture painting and weight painting. No matter what you are currently trying to paint, it is important to have good control over your brush settings. Changing the size is one of the fundamental settings that we often must adjust. To change the size of […]

How to change the pivot point in Blender?

An essential part of 3D modeling is to know how our transformations are done and a lot of our tools, such as rotation and scaling depend on a point of reference to perform the action in relation to. We call this point, the pivot point. To change the pivot point in Blender's viewport, go to […]

How to use a mask in Blender VSE

There are many cases where we might want to setup a mask in the VSE. While there is a mask strip option it just adds a mask as a black and white strip. So how do we setup a mask in the Blender VSE? To use a mask in Blender VSE follow these steps: Navigate […]

How to do a slowmotion effect in Blender VSE

Slow motion is one of the many effects that we see in all kinds of animations. Most video editors have a way to achieve this effect and so does Blender's VSE. So how do we create a slow-motion effect in the Blender VSE? Select the strip, press N to bring up the properties panel and […]

How to denoise an animation in Blender using temporal denoising

Denoising in Blender has become very easy. You simply check a box in your render settings and Blender will do all the heavy lifting. This works until you try it on an animation. In these cases, you can get back flickering footage that is totally unusable. A feature that can help reduce flickering when rendering […]

How to use composite nodes in Blender VSE?

While we may have used the compositor quite a bit it can be a bit confusing how to integrate this with the VSE. While to compositor does affect the VSE it applies to the whole VSE with Blenders default settings. But we can also use it on a strip-by-strip basis. To composite on a strip-by-strip […]

How to use the compositor for animations in Blender?

The compositor in Blender can seem to favor single frame renders. But it really isn't too difficult to composite an animation in Blender. There are primarily two ways we can composite an animation in Blender, directly at render time as each frame renders, we can apply compositing, or the second way is to first store […]

Blender viewport navigation shortcuts

There are quite a few viewport navigation shortcuts in Blender that can make navigation easier and much quicker. So how do we access these shortcuts? To find the viewport navigation shortcuts we can go to the View dropdown and there we will find all the navigations options with their shortcuts displayed next to them if […]

Top 12 post-processing effects to enhance your Blender renders

There are a wide variety of effects we can use to spice up our renders in Blender. From a subtle vignette to a nice bit of bloom to brighten our render. So, let's take a look at some of the post-processing effects at our disposal. Vignette A soft circular dark edge on an image that […]

Annotations in Blender (Create, delete, shortcuts, settings)

Annotations in Blender is primraily a tool that help you sketch out ideas and draft in Blender. For example, if you want to draw in Blenders various editors to explain something or to quickly write down a few notes. To use the annotation tool in Blender, press T on your keyboard to toggle the right-side […]

Shortcut to remove doubles in Blender

Doubles can cause all kinds of weird issues when modeling in Blender. In Blender versions 2.79 and earlier we could press W and select remove doubles. But how do we achieve something similar in later versions of Blender? To Remove Doubles in Blender press M and choose merge by distance. In the rest of this […]

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