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Blender lighting guide

Lighting fundamentals

Here we learn the fundamentals of lighting, what are lamp objects and how do they work? 

We also dive into Emission shaders and how we can use geometry to light our scenes.

Environment lighting

Environment lighting can often be the only light source in a scene. In this section we take a look at how we can use a build in skybox or an HDRI image for lighting. 
We also cover the big differences between Cycles and Eevee. Namely light probes and how Eevee deals with indirect lighting.

Effects and advanced lighting

In this section we look at some neat tips and tricks. For example how can we use a shadow catcher to combine footage with 3D objects? Or how can we create custom throw patterns for our light sources?


Here we list some great add-ons to manage and setup lighting and make the process more effective.

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