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Blender interface and data

Blender setup

Here we dive deep into how to setup Blender. For laptops, for managing multiple versions, old computers running 32-bit hardware and application templates.
Shortcuts are also a big part of your Blender setup.

Asset management

Managing assets in Blender has never been easier since the new asset browser arrived. learn how to use it or how to use an alternative method.

Data management

As 3D artists we deal with a lot of data. Managing all of it can be a tedious task. In this section you will learn about what tools you have available and how you can best use them to your advantage.

The blend file

The blend file is a container or library. Knowing how it is structured and what we can do with it is important for staying organized.

Exporting and importing

Most artists require data to be moved between applications. Exporting and importing is what allows us to do that. In this section we cover the most useful file formats that are supported by most other 3D software.

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