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Last update: January 12, 2024

How to use the shear tool in Blender

This is the second tutorial in our series of short tutorials that cover one specific topic, tool or addon. This time the Blender shear tool. This tool is very useful for architectural modelling where we need to create nice angles. For instance, when you create a profile for a doorframe or window frame this tool will help a lot with creating the corners in an easy way.

In Blender the shear tool will take a profile that you have created by extruding a set of edges along an axis and make nice angles for them. The shear tool has a very weird shortcut key, it is alt, ctrl, shift + s. Almost like the cousin for the convoluted alt, ctrl, shit + c that is commonly called the claw grip. Only one finger to spare! That is more like a bunch of keys than an actual shortcut. Anyway, the tool is very useful, and it is covered in the video tutorial below. Enjoy!

Earlier tutorials in this series include the F2 addon short tutorial where we decode the three functions of this addon that is built into Blender. It is a very useful tool that can help you improve the speed at which you are modelling

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Written by: Erik Selin

Editor & Publisher

Erik Selin
3D artist, writer, and owner of artisticrender.com

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