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8 reasons why you cannot select your object in Blender

Most Blender artists have had the issue where they cannot select an object. There can be many reasons for this, and most of them are simple once you understand them. Here are the reasons we will cover. You are in edit mode for a different object You marked the object as unselectable You marked the […]

How to sell 3D models using Blender

During recent years, the number of marketplaces for 3D assets has increased and so has the number of artists that try to sell their 3D models online. Either through their own store or through one of these marketplaces. To get started selling your 3D models you need to have an account on at least one […]

How to use the gizmo in Blender?

For beginners or when using a tablet, the graphical gizmos or widgets can be a major help for making basic transformations in Blender. By default, the gizmo is hidden. You can activate it in the Gizmo menu found in the top right corner of the 3D viewport. Enable the checkboxes for move, rotate and scale […]

Memory optimization for rendering in Blender

When it comes to rendering large and intensive scenes in Blender, memory optimization becomes critical. I have lost count of how many times Blender crashed for me thanks to using too much memory during rendering. Many times, the statement less is more, is something to really keep in mind. These are the primary ways in […]

Will Blender run on a 32-bit computer?

As time passes many older 32-bit computers are being phased out. But there are some still out there and the most important question is of course if they can run Blender. The latest release of Blender does not run on a 32-bit computer. The latest release that had official support for 32-bit was version 2.80 […]

How to change the background in Blender?

When talking about backgrounds in Blender, we may mean different things. But the most common is that we want to change the background for our finished render. To change the background in Blender we need to adjust the world material. This is a special material that is only applied to the world background. In the […]

Blender shortcut keys: How to find, manage, change, and reset

Blender is a software that heavily rely on shortcut keys. In this article we discuss what we need to know to work with them effectively. You can manage Blender's shortcut keys by going to Edit->Preferences and find the Keymap section. Here we can search, filter, change and reset shortcuts. There are also multiple keymaps already […]

How to do Asset management in Blender

We have several types of assets to manage in Blender. Everything from textures to 3D models, hdri images and reference material just to name the most common. In this article I will show you how you can manage all this on a local or shared hard drive without add-ons in Blender. We can do asset […]

How to use 3D viewport overlays in Blender 3D

In this article we will focus on the viewport overlays in Blender. The goal is to display the data we need as we work on our scenes while not getting the viewport cluttered with too much information. We can access viewport overlays and gizmos in the top right corner of the 3D viewport. Overlays are […]

Blender viewport shading guide

I recently started to take deeper note about what options are available for the 3D viewport in Blender. I was accustomed to some features but I didn't know really how much choice I had and how an informative and good-looking viewport could help me make better art. To change the viewport shading mode, find the […]

How to import images into Blender

There are many ways to import images into Blender. The best way depends on what we want to do with the image once we imported it. The most basic way to import an image into Blender is to drag-and-drop it. If you drop it in the 3D viewport it will become a background image object. […]

How to work with collections(layers) in Blenders outliner

For this how-to guide, I will use Blender 2.81. We will go over the basic features of how to use the layer system known as collections in the outliner. We will also look at how we can work with some related features to organize our work better. Related article: 10 New or hidden features in […]

Blender, saving and recovering: Don't lose your work ever again

Saving files isn’t particularly hard. But sometimes knowing what you save can be a hassle. What is the difference between saving and exporting? Is that render really saved? How about that video I just rendered, where did it go? How to save in Blender? We save through the file menu or by using “Ctrl+S”. This […]

Blender 3D: undo, redo and history

When I started out with Blender I often find myself making mistakes. There were many times in a row where I had to go back by using Blenders undo and history. Yet I often found myself stuck with too few undo steps. Much later I dove into this problem and much later still, I decided […]

10 New or hidden features in Blenders outliner

In Blender 2.81 the outliner had a face lift with a range of improvements so that we can work faster with it. We will go over some of these changes as well as some older features that you may not know about.If you didn't know, the outliner is the list of objects and everything that […]

How to import and export between Sketchup and Blender

In this article we will take a look at how we can utilize Blender as Sketchup modelers and export/import textured models between the two programs. We will use Blender version 2.80 and Sketchup maker 2017. To export and import Sketchup files into Blender we will also look at a way to bring .skp files into […]

How to set up background reference images in Blender

In earlier versions of Blender there was a system for setting up backgrounds in your 3D from the right side properties panel in the 3D view. However, in 2.80 and beyond this system has been removed. Instead, we use objects in our scene to act as the background reference image. How to set up a […]

How to use application templates in Blender

Since Blender is a software capable of so many things, I figured that having an interface capable of doing everything at once also clutter the experience. Ideally, we would have a system set up that would allow us to choose a workflow that we want to use and only the tools that we need would […]

How to move the camera in Blender

It hit me that to get started, how to move the camera in Blender is the most essential thing you will have to learn. In Blender there are two different entities we could refer to when talking about the camera. The viewport navigation and the camera objects within our scene. Both are important. The viewport […]

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