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How to use vertex groups in Blender

Vertex groups are a useful tool when we want to mask things in Blender. Many modifiers have an input slot for vertex group, allowing us to only affect portions of the object. Likewise, we can use vertex groups with particle systems, simulations, and with a little trick convert them so that we can even use […]

How to use a particle system in Blender to scatter objects

The most common use of a particle system in Blender is to scatter objects across a surface. Many times, this is vegetation or debris that we scatter in our scene using a hair particle system. Select the object that will emit your particles Go to the particle tab in the properties panel Press the plus […]

How to use the 3D cursor in Blender

To use the 3D cursor effectively, the first thing we need to learn is how to position it correctly. There are a handful of tools at our disposal to position the 3D cursor either manually or precisely. We can position the 3D cursor precisely by using the snap menu accessed through Shift+S. Then use the […]

8 reasons why you cannot select your object in Blender

Most Blender artists have had the issue where they cannot select an object. There can be many reasons for this, and most of them are simple once you understand them. Here are the reasons we will cover. You are in edit mode for a different object You marked the object as unselectable You marked the […]

How to use adaptive subdivision surface in Blender

Sometimes a scene overflows with geometry thanks to poor use of the subdivision's surface modifier. It's hard to control and can become a performance hog as we work on an increasingly complex scene. Adaptive subdivision surface dynamically changes the subdivision level of objects based on the distance from the camera. We can use it in […]

How to render in Blender

Rendering is at the heart of what we do in Blender. When you are starting out it is good to understand how it works so that you can actually get some output to show and use. To render in Blender Press F12 for rendering a still image or Ctrl+F12 to render animation. You can also […]

How to use the gizmo in Blender?

For beginners or when using a tablet, the graphical gizmos or widgets can be a major help for making basic transformations in Blender. By default, the gizmo is hidden. You can activate it in the Gizmo menu found in the top right corner of the 3D viewport. Enable the checkboxes for move, rotate and scale […]

Memory optimization for rendering in Blender

When it comes to rendering large and intensive scenes in Blender, memory optimization becomes critical. I have lost count of how many times Blender crashed for me thanks to using too much memory during rendering. Many times, the statement less is more, is something to really keep in mind. These are the primary ways in […]

How to smooth the shading on an object in Blender?

It is important that our objects get the right shading depending on the kind of surface and our artistic goals with the piece. By default, all mesh objects in Blender have flat shading. However, when we deal with round or organic shapes, we want the surface to be smooth, so that we don't get a […]

How to change the background in Blender?

When talking about backgrounds in Blender, we may mean different things. But the most common is that we want to change the background for our finished render. To change the background in Blender we need to adjust the world material. This is a special material that is only applied to the world background. In the […]

How to do Asset management in Blender

We have several types of assets to manage in Blender. Everything from textures to 3D models, hdri images and reference material just to name the most common. In this article I will show you how you can manage all this on a local or shared hard drive without add-ons in Blender. We can do asset […]

Blender knife tool tutorial

For the longest time I did not use the knife tool as part of my Blender modeling workflow. But it has become a more frequent tool since I have started to discover how versatile and easy it is to use. To use the knife tool in Blender press tab to go into edit mode, then […]

How to use 3D viewport overlays in Blender 3D

In this article we will focus on the viewport overlays in Blender. The goal is to display the data we need as we work on our scenes while not getting the viewport cluttered with too much information. We can access viewport overlays and gizmos in the top right corner of the 3D viewport. Overlays are […]

Blender viewport shading guide

I recently started to take deeper note about what options are available for the 3D viewport in Blender. I was accustomed to some features but I didn't know really how much choice I had and how an informative and good-looking viewport could help me make better art. To change the viewport shading mode, find the […]

How to mirror in Blender

Mirroring in Blender may have multiple meanings. We may want to mirror geometry, or a brush stroke or perhaps we are talking about creating a mirror as a shader. Let's take a deep dive into mirroring in Blender and see what each of those can mean. The most common way to mirror in Blender is […]

How to use proportional editing in Blender

Proportional editing is one of the basic tools in Blender to start creating simple organic shapes. I find that many beginners struggle with how it works, so I thought that I would try to help out with this article. We can toggle proportional editing with the hotkey "O". Once toggled on, start a transformation such […]

How to import images into Blender

There are many ways to import images into Blender. The best way depends on what we want to do with the image once we imported it. The most basic way to import an image into Blender is to drag-and-drop it. If you drop it in the 3D viewport it will become a background image object. […]

How to center objects, origins and pivot points in Blender

If you are anything like me you jumped straight in when you started learning about Blender. Not too long into the learning experience you might have realized that you need some help with basics, centering objects, origins and pivot points is probably one of them if you came across this page. So how do we […]

How to use boolean modifier in Blender

There are many scenarios where the boolean modifier is an excellent solution to modeling problems. In this article we will cover a few of them and how we can make the most out of it in Blender. To use the boolean modifier, select an object and go to the modifier stack in the properties panel. […]

Blender add-on overview: Extra objects mesh

There is a limited set of primitive objects we can use as a starting points when modeling in Blender. Therefore, I wanted to give you a little extra help by explaining the extra objects add-on and how it might be helpful. What is the extra objects add-on? There are two extra objects add-ons in Blender. […]

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